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El día que Michael Jordan destruyó a Alonzo Mourning


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Former NBA player Kendall Gill @officialkendallgill – posted an Instagram video detailing the backstory of one of the best dunks in NBA history. In the caption, Gill describes a game in the 1992-93 season when the Charlotte Hornets were playing the Chicago Bulls. The Hornets were playing the Bulls well, and as Gill describes it, he, Larry Johnson, and Alonzo Mourning were trash-talking Michael Jordan. MJ didn't take to kindly to it, and promptly dunked on Mourning. Gill explains Me, Larry Johnson, and Alonzo Mourning were young upcoming guns in the league. We were feeling ourselves in this game because we were giving it to the Bulls. After this play our Wild oats quickly became shredded wheats! Alonzo had just blocked 2 of the Bulls shots. We started talking smack. I could since MJ getting mad because We were matched up against each other. I didn't give a crap though because I was young, dumb and didn't know any better. MJ back doored me out of the triangle offense and put Zo on his collection of posters. Lol. Moral of this story? Callin out the Devil is one thing. Facing him is another! Never tug on Superman's cape unless you're absolutely ready! Did you hear me Pacman. The Bulls went on to win the game 123-108. Jordan scored 52 points in the game, nearly outscoring Gill, Johnson, and Mourning combined. #TheEvolutionOfMichaelJordan #GOAT #Jumpman #MichaelJordan #23 #TrophyRoom #TeamJordan #JordanBrand #AirJordan #Jordans #Nike #WEAREJORDAN #MJMondays #NBA #Basketball #Highlights #ChicagoBulls

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